Adding Social Media Contacts

Written by Joanna Marshall, December 2015

Case Studies


Smart Source, LLC is a print and promotional distributor focused on promoting brand awareness and maximizing technological communication for their clients. They are working to improve their presence in the realm of social media; focus platforms are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. eProcess Development is using Hootsuite Analytics to track progress and provide monthly reporting to their client. This case study focuses on the challenges presented when adding social media contacts to our client’s account.

LinkedIn provides the easiest and most user-friendly solution for adding contacts

Twitter solution is available however the required steps are more time consuming than LinkedIn

Facebook support was not available to further explain how contacts can be imported from either a web client or e-mail account address book


Smart Source, LLC has over 500 e-mail contacts; sources include LinkedIn and Outlook. With a low
number of followers on social media all while trying to grow their presence the idea of adding their e-
Social Media Image #1mail contacts to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as new connections was presented to assist in their overall objective to grow and further engage their audience. This presented a new challenge of adding their contacts all at once via uploading a spreadsheet to social media accounts as opposed to one contact at a time manually, which would be much more time consuming.


The following social media platforms required each of the following actions to move forward with adding a large number contacts via one document:

LinkedIn – Contacts must be imported and converted to a new file from an e-mail account address book or web client; format must be csv, txt, or vcf

Twitter – Contacts must be imported directly from an e-mail account address book; they cannot be imported from a file. A recommended solution is to create a new, temporary e-mail account and import desired contact list, then import the contacts to Twitter

Facebook – Smart Source LLC’s Facebook page is managed by a user with a personal account; this person is required to first friend everyone on the e-mail list and then invite them to like Smart Source
LLC’s page. Like LinkedIn, contacts must be imported to a new file from an e-mail account address book or web client. Facebook instructions were not clear onSocial Media Image #2 how to import files therefore an Ask a Question, or “AAQ,” was submitted to their Help Center requesting further guidance. After two days with no answer a second one was submitted. A response was posted after about 15 minutes to inquiry #2 recommending I contact their Contacts Support phone number; after being hung up on two times I was eventually told that they could not provide an answer to my question. This information was posted back to the Help Center who responded within minutes saying they would research further. Multiple posts over the course of multiple weeks resulted in no response; upon submitting a Report a Problem form I was informed that they would not respond individually but would use the information provided to improve the user experience. The matter continues to remain unresolved.


The above solutions will produce the desired results of adding a large quantity of social media connections to LinkedIn and Twitter accounts all at once as opposed to manually one by one.


eProcess Development moved forward with adding LinkedIn contacts successfully by uploading csv file to the account; they will continue to report new connections and overall success of their efforts to grow Smart Source’s social media presence across all platforms.