AdWords and Analytics

Written by Joanna Marshall, April 2016

AdWords and Analytics


eProcess Development provides advertising search solutions with measurable results for their clients using Google AdWords and Google Analytics tools. The following case study explores modifications made to an account and corresponding positive outcomes as a result of the changes:

Decreased paid search advertising costs

• Google Analytics tracking tools implemented for key performance indicator (KPI) measurement


Many advertisers are looking to keep their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising costs down. When first reviewing account set up, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ad copy performance were analyzed in Google AdWords, and view settings were reviewed in Google Analytics. Ad landing pages were examined as well in the attempt to find new keywords, ways to better visitor experience, and determine key performance indicators (KPIs) for Analytics tracking and goals.


Google AdWords – Upon review, one ad group was paused and a majority of broad match keywords were paused, including duplicates across campaigns to avoid competition against one another. NewAdWords and Analytics Case Study Image 2 keywords were added with broad match modifiers and phrase match keyword match types to correspond with terminology on the client’s landing page, and new ad text was written to include keywords and terminology on the landing page to correspond with the measurements of quality score.

Google Analytics – Upon reviewing the account’s property, a new test view was added to include filters that excluded internal traffic, a goal was added to track destination URL to Thank You page once form fill was submitted, search query parameters were added for Site Search to identify potential keywords and better evaluate visitor experience, and Event code was added to Google Tag Manager for video tracking. Once all goals, events, and filters were set up correctly a new view was created to track this data moving forward.


Google Ad Words – Once the above optimizations were implemented traffic decreased to the client’s site; their audience, however, is considered higher quality due to the modified search results. A majority of the keywords are now eligible to show more frequently and at a lesser cost due to increased qualityAdWords and Analytics Case Study Image 1 score, which is based on expected click through rate (CTR), ad text relevance to landing page, and landing page experience.

Google Analytics – Parameters in the client’s ePD Goals view track form fills via Thank You page destination URL goal, video views via events, and search queries via Site Search reports against traffic that comes from AdWords campaigns and other search sources to measure their success and determine potential new keywords and other optimizations based on website activity.


eProcess Development will continue to make optimizations in Google AdWords to keep costs down and drive high quality traffic. They will also continue to make optimizations to the client’s website to improve landing page rating and better visitor experience. Aligning Google AdWords activity with Google Analytics via goals, events, and search queries will allow ePD to track conversions, video success, and potential new keywords to maximize search results.

The following graphs and visyls examples of the outcomes of the AdWords and Analytics changes mentioned in this case study.

The following PPC performance table reflects a decrease in costs in March 2016, which is the first month measuring the above mentioned AdWords optimizations. Prices have been increasing since December 2015.

Month Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Total Cost $1,706 $1,886 $2,105 $1,554  $1,380
Clicks 424 436 406 274  346
Impressions 64,800 72,577 77,905 54,860  24,428
CTR 0.65% 0.60% 0.52% 0.50% 1.42%
CPC $4.02 $4.58 $5.18 $5.67 $3.99

The following Analytics screen shot reflects video views
AdWords and Analytics Case Study Image 3











The following table reflects video views for AdWords acquisition traffic. Two of three videos viewed as a result of CPC medium were on the landing pages of the AdWords campaigns.

AdWords and Analytics Case Study Image 4










The following screen shot reflects goal flow for the source and medium of visitors who completed a Contact Us form. Form fills are defined as a goal as we can track the number of visitors who require further information and potentially convert to a new customer.
AdWords and Analytics Case Study Image 5