There are several ways to organize contact information. The common process is to organize names and contact data details into formats that allow for online presentation of the contacts, links to additional information and export of the information as needed into CSV or PDF format.


ePD enhances productivity by organizing thousands of records behind a user friendly front end. There are several ways to locate information; the most common methods are by using the search field and/or a series of drop down filters. The filtered records can then be exported to users in the format of their choice.

Variable Data Printing

The best method for managing the thousands of records used for directories, price lists, catalogs and marketing material is to store the information in server tables. The information is edited by using custom front end edit forms located behind a secure login.The data can then be merged into the templates and presented to users in multiple formats.

Customer Relation Management Databases

ePD works with the Sugar CRM system to provide users with control over their contact details, sales funnel and supporting literature.