Content Development

ePD develops slide based education and training content with player controls. This includes the conversion of PowerPoint content into digital format for incorporation with online services.

Learning Management Systems

The LMS provides a location for users to log in and view training content. It also maintains a log of user activity and test scores.

Application Development

ePD develops mobile ready applications to be used on iOS or Android phones and tables. Applications can also be done in HTML5 format for browser-based services.

Digital Instructions for Use

ePD develops the user interface needed to convert instruction-for-use content into online and mobile ready user experiences. Features include voiceovers, video and animation.


ePD works with various tools needed to create several types of animations, including 3D.

Device Simulations

Device simulations are replications of the actual product. They provide a practical method for training users without relying on the demo devices. The files are quite small and easy to present online and on mobile devices.