File Names

A file name needs to have a description with an accompanying prefix or suffix. In this example, products are combined with their application type, language and date. Staff should be trained on the file naming protocol determined to be best for your organization. The spreadsheet below serves as a guideline for the users. A common visual basic formula is used to create the final file name. This method of building the file name allows for the flexibility of placing a file component (e.g. the date) into the prefix position so the files sort in the most efficient way.

File Names with Product Revision IDs

File naming when product revision IDs are utilized is extremely important to ensure proper content is used by your organization. The components of the file name will include the ID prefix, the revision letter or number and in the case of video, the file type. Again, a formula is used to generate the final file name.

Image Library

There are a great deal of image file libraries and galleries. ePD’s method involves programming the file names into main and sub categories. Several user friendly applications are applied to ensure the users get an optimal experience. In this example, the hover over is all that is needed to produce the enlarged version of the image file.

Video library

ePD has created what we feel is the ideal custom video library system. The videos are indexed on one side of the page and the player window is presented on the other side. The index system can be a thumb image with title or just the titles with or without headers. Users select the video of choice and the player is instantly loaded with the selected video.