Hootsuite vs MomentFeed

Written by Joanna Marshall December 2015, updated April 2016

Case Studies


Smart Source, LLC is a print and promotional distributor focused on promoting brand awareness and maximizing technological communication for their clients. They are working to improve their presence in the realm of social media; focus platforms are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. eProcess Development is currently using Hootsuite Analytics to track progress and provide monthly reporting to their client; the goal of this case study is to compare Hootsuite vs. Momentfeed to determine which platform is a better fit for their client’s social media objectives.


Hootsuite is the social media management platform eProcess Development is currently using to post content on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; the tool currently does not support Google+. In addition to Hootsuite vs MomentFeed Image #1postings, Hootsuite is also used to shorten URLs and has scheduling capabilities as well. The challenge with Hootsuite is that their free version does not provide reporting analytics for LinkedIn nor does it provide data for Facebook posts, comments, followers, and shares (likes only) or Twitter tweets (posts) and likes (followers, mentions [replies], and retweets only). All of this information is provided to Smart Source, LLC in their month-end social media report and is compiled manually in addition to LinkedIn and Google+ data.


One potential explored solution is the platform MomentFeed; this tool specializes in local page postings for businesses with multiple locations in addition to location data management, paid media campaigns, reputation monitoring, and social media services for enterprise companies. MomentFeed supports the Google+ platform and reporting is built in to the tool.


After speaking with a representative from MomentFeed it was determined that this platform would notHootsuite vs MomentFeed Image #2fit the needs of eProcess Development as they solely work with large businesses with multiple locations and enterprise companies. Other social media tools are available but come with a cost to provide the information needed to compile the desired data for monthly reporting.


eProcess Development will continue exploring their options for social media management tools; until measuring monthly results manually for Smart Source, LLC becomes unmanageable or the data becomes too complex to track they will continue to use the free version of Hootsuite


Both solutions were explored in December 2015; Hootsuite upgraded their reporting in early 2016 to now include the following:

Twitter tweets (posts)

Twitter likes

Twitter shortened URL traffic

Twitter reactions by sentiment

Facebook posts

Facebook followers

Facebook comments

Facebook shares

Facebook shortened URL traffic

Facebook reactions by sentiment

These updates will strengthen our reports as the above analytics data was not available prior to upgraded reporting. LinkedIn and Google+ data will continue to be compiled manually.