Posting SlideShare Presentations to LinkedIn

Written by Joanna Marshall, November 2015

Case Studies


Smart Source, LLC is a print and promotional distributor focused on promoting brand awareness and maximizing technological communication for their clients. They are working to improve their presence in the realm of social media; focus platforms are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. eProcess Development is using Hootsuite Analytics to track progress and provide monthly reporting to their client. The goal of this case study is to address the challenges and solutions associated with posting SlideShare presentations to LinkedIn.


ePD Case Study_LinkedIn and SlideShare Image #2Smart Source LLC has a number of power point presentations promoting their products and services that can now be added to LinkedIn and Twitter via SlideShare program. Their “Introducing HandHolder – Integrated Patient Communications” presentation was added to both SlideShare LinkedIn and personal LinkedIn successfully on the account levels; however, the ppt did not want to attach as a rich media link to a published post on the client’s personal LinkedIn account. This was not noticed until after the post was posted.


LinkedIn SlideShare link would not upload ppt presentation to personal LinkedIn account posting. The posting had 17 views within a matter of minutes and there were no power point presentation slides embedded within the post for the viewer to view. LinkedIn Contact Us form fill was submitted immediately in hopes to receive resolution as soon as possible.


Approximately 24 hours after the Contact Us form fill was submitted, Mobile Support Specialist Paul e-
mailed back an embed code to be placed in the rich media link field, which worked just fine. Although this was helpful for the current predicament, one has to wonder how this can be avoidedePD Case Study_LinkedIn and SlideShare Image #1moving forward as the link provided by SlideShare clearly does not work. Mobile Support Specialist Paul was immediately contacted back noting his solution solved the problem, but he now needs to explain how one can add LinkedIn SlideShare postings to personal LinkedIn account posts for future reference. Paul responded fairly quickly noting that you need to actually click through to the posting on SlideShare, scroll underneath the ppt presentation, and click “Share” button for embedded code. My mistake was that I did not click through to the presentation page; on SlideShare account page I clicked “Embed” found in the upper right hand corner of the ppt presentation and was provided a link that I copied and pasted into the post instead. The final course of action was once again reaching out to Paul requesting that he provide more information on how the link that was originally used can be used. Thirteen e-mails and multiple screen shots later, it’s now concluded that the original way I tried to post the slides is now up and running.


Approximately twenty-four hours post LinkedIn posting SlideShare ppt was successfully uploaded; LinkedIn Support concludes that either their taught way or my original way will both get the job done.