Website Visits by Page

The following graph presents a tally of page visits for the past 12 months providing transparency for your digital marketing strategies. The cross tab or pivot table presents the monthly trend of visit tallies.

Website Visits as Monthly Trend

The view of monthly visits as a trend is an ePD specialty. This view allows for an analysis of events that affect visitor interest in a particular page or product.

Keyword Search Engine Results Page

Keyword Search Engine Results Page Tracking for Organic Search and Pay Per Click Ads. The highlighted cells in the past month represent advancement in page rank. This came as the result of actions taken on the website home page and paid ad settings.

Keyword Analysis

The following graph presents all paid and unpaid keywords used by users who then found the website listing. Keyword analysis provides insight into further enhancement in page rank.

Social Media Postings

ePD uses memes, slides, images, animations, and videos to keep the posts interesting.

Social Media Engagement Tracking

ePD documents actions to measure changes in engagement and establish new targets.

Social Media Engagement Tracking

The graphic view of social media engagement assists with analysis of results and establishment of new objectives.

Social Media Engagement Analysis

ePD utilizes analysis tools to help measure goal acquisition.

Social Media Management Software

The use of social media management tools allows for an organized method for posting and engagement monitoring.