SAM provides the following solutions:

  • Easy location of slides from master sets
  • Prevents modification of approved content
  • Synchs master slides from the server to the user
  • Allows for presentation sharing
  • Less wasted time creating unnecessary presentations
  • Manages video and animation files
  • Cross platform compatibility for PCs, Macs and mobile devices
  • Ability to monitor user activity
  • Security system
  • Runs when offline

How does SAM work?


  • SAM manages a large number of slides in the same manner a content management system manages contacts.
  • Slides are assigned unique IDs which are used to manage large slide inventories.
  • Users can use default presentations or select slides needed to create custom presentations.
  • Slides can be advanced using finger swipes, next, back buttons, or the keypad.
  • SAM provides drawing tools that allow users to mark up the slides.


SAM Information Document

Click here for a PDF document with SAM information including a gallery of our reporting options



“We are using SAM to manage our inventory of slides. SAM is easy to use and reduces wasted time creating presentations. Slides cannot be modified which ensures regulatory compliance and proper produt branding.”
Janeen Colucci, Abiomed Training Specialist