• Slide Asset Management (SAM)

    SAM allows users to find, select, and organize slides from approved master sets. Features include:
    • Easy location of slides from master sets
    • Prevents modification of approved content
    • Syncs master slides from the server to the user
    • Allows for presentation sharing
    • Less wasted time creating unnecessary presentations
    • Manages video and animation files
    • Cross platform compatibility for PCs, Macs and mobile devices
    • Ability to monitor user activity
    • Security system
    • Runs when offline
  • Report Generation

    eProcess Development Reports Present the Following:
    • Google Analytics data
    • Google AdWords data
    • Social media engagement and analytics
    • Lead generation
    • SEO performance
      Why partner with eProcess Development for your reporting needs? eProcess Development manages your marketing and website efforts and our reporting ensures your KPIs are being met over time. By overseeing your campaign performance we can make optimizations as needed to get you the best results possible.
    trend reports
  • Data Management

    Data Management Solutions Include the Following:
      • Oversee the flow of information
    from initial setup throughout its entire lifecycle
    • Pivot tables for report generation
    • Enterprise software management
    • Product management
    • Clinical site management
    • Visitor management
    • Price quotation management
    • E-mail contact management
    eProcess Development validates, stores, and protects your company’s most valuable information making it easily accessible and readily available for users.
    data management
  • File Management

    eProcess Development File Management
    ePD’s File Management Services Provide:
    • Numerous report options
    • Databases that allow for easy record location
    • Folder, document, and media management of directories and subdirectories
    • File protection
    eProcess Development structures your very important files efficiently to allow for quick and easy access to your most important documents.
  • eLearning

    eProcess Development’s Approach:
    Enhanced graphics
    • Is cost effective
    • Saves time
    • Increases productivity
    • Allows you to track course progress
    • Uses 3D animations to maximize the learning experience with interactive design
    • Uses device simulations to improve product evaluation opportunities
    • Reduces the need to purchase and ship demo equipment
    • Increases productivity
    Through the use of state-of-the-art technology eProcess Development partners with your business to provide updated material and offers flexible learning schedules for your employees.