Smart Source SEO

Written by Joanna Marshall, March 2016

Case Studies


Smart Source, LLC is a print and promotional distributor focused on promoting brand awareness and maximizing technological communication for their clients. They are working to build their presence in the realms of social media and search engine optimization (SEO) with ePD as a partner.

ePD can work with you to improve your organic search results

ePD performs a deep dive of your keywords and potential keywords to plan your strategy and implements accordingly

ePD will continue to perform a diagnosis of your keywords periodically to make optimizations and stay on top of your competitors

ePD will provide reporting monthly for client transparency


Smart Source Keywords for SEO Case Study Image #1Smart Source has a number of products listed on their HandHolder website with a designated page for each. The company expressed interest in SEO to improve their rank on Google search engine result pages (SERP) for their products; currently a number of their keywords are highly competitive resulting in no results within the first five pages of Google’s SERP. WordPress’ SEO plugin, Yoast SEO, is the tool used for Smart Source’s website as part of their keyword optimization strategy; one keyword is permitted for each page of the website.


ePD performed a deep dive of the HandHolder product pages to create a potential list of keywords for Smart Source. We included the titles of the product pages and performed keyword diagnoses in Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to determine average monthly searches and keyword competition. Although the results provided with this tool are for paid search terms only, the data is helpful for determining approaches to SEO keyword planning. We also performed advanced Google searches for the keywords to determine search page results for updates made to keyword competitors’ websites in the past year versus broad search, unfiltered results for exact terms.


Smart Source Keywords for SEO Case Study Image #2ePD moved forward with entering Product page titles into Yoast SEO plugin as a start to Smart Source SEO approach. Smart Source will need to make optimizations to their keywords or changes to their website for new keywords or keyword changes. Keyword optimizations can include updating website content regularly and posting media (articles, posts, etc.) that includes their keywords on social media or other advertising platforms. If Smart Source wants new keywords or to make changes to their current set of keywords they will need to change their webpage titles for Product pages in addition to updating content on their site. They will also need to update URL slugs, meta tags, and image alt tags to include the new search terms. Keyword diagnoses using the methods listed above will be performed prior to making keyword changes for competitive insight. Yoast SEO plugin will be updated accordingly to include the new keywords and optimizations will be made accordingly.


ePD will continue to work with Smart Source as an SEO partner. Social media posts will include their current set of keywords and progress will be reviewed periodically in addition to keyword diagnoses for competitor insight. ePD will continue to research and stay up-to-date on SEO strategies to ensure they are maximizing results for their partners.