Wincher vs Compete

Written by Joanna Marshall, March 2016

Case Studies


eProcess Development specializes in data management, eLearning, report services, and file management solutions. They also work with their clients to maximize their digital advertising approach by overseeing and optimizing for Google AdWords and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns via website design and strategies that are measurable through Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

ePD has explored various SEO tools for transparency into your business’ rankings as well as your competitors

ePD strives to optimize your organic search strategy to maintain successful performance

This case study compares two tools, Wincher vs Compete, for insight into upholding best SEO practices


Search engines generate traffic to a user’s website based on algorithms that are in a constant state ofWincher vs Compete Case Study Image #1change to keep results competitive. Rather than provide an exact formula to keep your content ranked high, best practices are suggested that need to be optimized regularly. This presents a challenge in itself and as a result various tools have been explored as a solution for increasing SEO performance and providing insight to not only your business’ results but also to those of your competitors. Two tools, Wincher and Compete, were explored as potential solutions for SEO performance and insight.


Wincher provides results on your search engine presence and rank based on data that they collect daily. For example, keyword data is pulled from meta tags. Wincher can also oversee both your and your competitors’ campaigns and alert you when your rankings are surpassed. Additional features, such as daily updates, are available for a monthly cost.

Compete is a paid tool that allows you to manage your competitors’ success in search engine rankings based on a shared set of keywords that you identify. They also provide insight into your competitors’
landing page strategies by providing you with their keyword lists. Compete offers monitoring tools that allow you to regularly track data, which will allow you to optimize your performance. Additional features, such as paid search traffic insights, are also available, as are custom plans.


Wincher provides weekly updates for one domain at no cost. Competitors can also be added for no charge, which allows you to track your progress against theirs. Wincher is a good solution if you areWincher vs Compete Case Study Image #2looking to track one site only; if you are managing multiple sites or want updates more than one time per week it is advised to pay their monthly fee.

Compete has a much higher monthly rate than Wincher although the data it provides is far more transparent. For example, information is collected from multiple sources (geographic, demographic, and behavioral) and processed daily to provide insights that reflect Internet behavior that you can apply to the data collected from your website for analysis and comparison. If your budget allows, Compete is a more sophisticated tool for optimizing your SEO performance.